Sunday, September 28, 2014

Disney MGM Studios Mickey Mouse Figurine

By Nick

I found this really nice Mickey Mouse figurine at a local yard sale yesterday.

As soon as I saw it, with a price tag of $.75 no less, it was sold. I don't have any figurines in my collection with Disney MGM Studios on them, in fact, the only item I had from the time Disney's Hollywood Studios was Disney MGM was a really great Tee Shirt, long since worn to literally tatters, which I bought back in 1992.

As soon as I got this piece home, I washed it off, as it was rather dusty, and for the first time looked at the bottom.

Copyright Disney 1987, Japan. Why I find that very interesting is because Disney MGM Studios didn't officially open until May 1st, 1989.

If anyone has any idea where this figurine was originally sold, please let me know.


  1. I'm thinking it took at least two years to build the park so it's possible that this was sold as a pre-promotional item, perhaps in a park preview center set up on DHS property or elsewhere around WDW.

    The fact that it has the original price tag is also a feature that increases value! Great find, Nick!

  2. This is all kinds of awesome and unique. I think my next trip to WDW, I will need to stop at your house for a tour!


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