Monday, September 15, 2014

Have you ever runDisney?

By: Laurie Olivieri

It is exciting, fun, thrilling and all the races are very early! The Disneyland half marathon (13.1 miles) started at 5:30 am on August 31st.  It was my very first Disneyland Race.  I had run the Princess HalfM arathon in February in Walt Disney World and thus qualified to receive my very first coast to coast medal!

I was bib #8606 and in corral I.  That was not the last corral..I am not a fast runner..I am more a molasses type of runner with lots of determination to finish!  As long as one maintains pretty close to a 16 minute mile average and stays ahead of the "Balloon Ladies", you will be allowed to finish!

I run for the WDW Radio Make A Wish Team.  I love the support I have received and also the friends I have made. Along the 13.1 miles, I heard Go Blue!  Yeah WDW Radio! a couple times.  It is so encouraging.

We ran through California was my first time seeing Carsland in person.  I got all choked up!  We ran into Disneyland!  Through the Castle!  Where Walt once walked!  Yep, got choked up again.

I was struggling..It was hot to me!  I am an early morning runner - less than 60 degrees is fine with me.  It had started creeping past that and I was not having the happiest of moments with about 2 miles left to go.  I was still maintaining my run/walk/run of 3 to 3 minutes, walk one minute, etc.

Then I saw the pigtails of someone I knew.  Julie - an online friend.  We belonged to the same workout group online and a couple other groups.  I said hello, we chatted and then my timer went off.  I went to run again and noticed she was limping.  She had lots of blisters on her feet and she just wanted to finish!  I decided to walk it with her! I have met many of my Disney friends in person and decided this was perhaps the best way to celebrate our Disney friendship.  

We talked and walked and we finished together!

Sometimes a race is not about your time, but more your timing!


  1. "Yeah Laurie !!!! I got all teary,, I think that it probably my most favorite part about DL, knowing that you are walking where Walt walked !! It gets me Every. Time. Great article!!!"

  2. " I ran all 3 races, saw Carsland before AND still choked up. Running thru that castle felt SO different than Princess. Perhaps the obstacles I overcame to get there and the fact it was Walt's creation!! Awesome article!!"


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