Friday, September 19, 2014

Do you have a Disney Food Challenge for your next Trip?

By Shendl

I found a list that someone had compiled of things to eat in Walt Disney World and that got me thinking about making my own Challenge for my next trip.  The one I found online was not easily achievable for me and my husband, so I went through all the Goodies that we had yet to try and came up with our own FOOD CHALLENGE!

This is my Challenge for my next trip – I hope we can complete it!

Magic Kingdom

    •    Dole Whip or a Dole Whip Float - Aloha Isle

Photo: Nick
    •    Corn Dog Nuggets - Casey’s Corner

    •    Corn on the Cob - Liberty Square Market

    •    Le Fou’s Brew - Gastons Tavern

 Photo: Angel Sloan Rogers

Photo: Nick

    •    Warm Cinnamon Roll - Gastons Tavern
    •    The Plaza Ice Cream Sundae - The Plaza Ice Cream Parlour

Photo: Sue VanVleet
    •    Mickey Kitchen Sink Sundae -  The Plaza Ice Cream Parlour

Photo: Sue VanVleet


    •    Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramel - Karamel Kuche (Germany)

    •    Macaron’s - Boulangerie Patisserie Les halles (France)
    •    House made Paprika Chips - Sommerfest (Germany)

    •    Kakigori - Kabuki Café (Japan)

Disney's Hollywood Studios

    •    Wheezy’s Breezy Freezey - Hey Howdy Hey Take Away

Animal Kingdom

    •    Turkey Leg - Trilo Bites

Photo: Carrie Atkins

Downtown Disney

    •    Crème Brulee - Wolfgang Puck Café

Photo: Diane Cole

These are things that I have not tried in WDW at all and they all sound so yummy (we are trying the turkey leg as experience, not sure if we will like it)

What is on your list of Foods and Snacks to try?


  1. Looks like a fun idea. This is a great list!

  2. i think i am going to just copy your list!

  3. Looks like an amazing challenge and one that I would be up to :). Thanks for sharing and joining Favorite Food Friday!!!

  4. Tamu Tamu at Animal Kingdom also has house made chips that are awesome.
    I wish I could go to Epcot this fall and try the salted caramel creme brulee at the France kiosk for Food & Wine Festival.

  5. I am right there with you for the Dole Whip! I have to have at least one every WDW or DL trip! I also highly recommend the carrot cake cookie in the Writers Stop in the Studios!


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