Saturday, March 15, 2014

Tour Guide: Story Behind the Photo

by Gaylin

On my first solo trip to Walt Disney World in 2008, I took the Keys To The Kingdom Tour at the Magic Kingdom. I have been on quite a few tours at WDW and all have been terrific, this one was great fun. Lots of information and facts to take in, did you know that since WDW opened, 42 prosthetic limbs have been turned into lost and found! I can understand losing a hat while touring the park, but an arm or leg?

What I can say has been consistent in all of the tours I have taken is the great tour guides, like Anna! She never faltered all through the tour and I have to admire anyone who can lead a tour while wearing high heels!


  1. Awesome post! So you found my extra leg?!

    1. Can you imagine getting home from vacation and saying, "Honey, where's my arm?" . . .

  2. I told you that you were responsible for packing your OWN prosthetics!


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