Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Disney Store 25th Anniversary Merchandise

By: Nick

Yesterday, I shared the Disney Store's 25th Anniversary celebration from 2012. Today I thought I would share some of the limited edition merchandise we bought.

A display of said merch from our local Disney Store.


This note set comes with 20 blank cards, 20 envelopes, and a sticker sheet.

The set was $12.50.


The pens was $4.50 marked down from $9.50.

This ornament set was $79.50. I'll be sharing a more up close look at the ornaments in December. Yes, I'm teasing a post 9 months out!


  1. I purchased that box of cards as well, I have nearly used up all of them! I would have bought a pen as well, but my Disney store didn't have them (or were sold out before I got there).

  2. Fun to see all the stuff!! I got the notecards but that is it. I am envious that you have the ornaments :-) Lucky duck!! Great stuff!

  3. Thanks Brenda, try ebay if you are ever looking for something that you have to have! It's amazing the things you can find there, for great prices too!


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