Friday, March 14, 2014

Living with the Land at Epcot


by: Barbie

Living with the Land ride at Epcot isn't just for education and entertainment. Did you realize that more than 30 tons of fruit and vegetables are grown there every year for Disney restaurants. Fish, alligators, and other water creatures can also be seen there, used to help fertilize the plants growing there and when grown, to send to the restaurants as well.

So next time you're down there grabbing your fast passes to Soarin', why don't you hop on one of the boats and take a ride. Disney's Sustainable Agriculture, Production and Research Center is constantly changing. Check out what is being grown for lunch. You can even book a "Behind the Seeds" Tour, which is a much more in-depth walking tour which we really enjoyed.


  1. Living with the Land is one of my favourites. I like seeing the different types of ecosystems as well as the hidden Mickeys.

    I have taken the Behind the Seeds Tour twice, was very fortunate the first time I took it, only 4 people on the tour - learned a lot and got to eat a couple slices of Mickey head shaped cucumber!

  2. We went on the Behind the Seeds Tour and one of the guys stole a cherry tomato from the tomato tree. Our guide was flabbergasted! She scolded him and said nobody had ever stolen any produce before! He was not ashamed. He said he wanted to see if it was any good.


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