Sunday, March 2, 2014

Are You a Man or a Muppet? (From 12/13/11)

By: Barbie

Have you seen "The Muppets"? As soon as I saw Walter I fell in love. The movie is a great "return to the big-screen" for the Muppets. There are big singing numbers, all the favorite characters and some new ones to boot! I hope we will be seeing a lot of Walter in the future.

Walter is a "Smalltown" boy who dreams of meeting the Muppets. He also struggles with his identity, not really fitting in with the world around him. He believes that he may fit in better with the Muppets. When his twin brother Gary and his girlfriend plan a trip out to California, Walter is invited to join along to tour the Muppet Studios.

Walter, the Muppets biggest fan, is a character who is sweet, sincere and pure of heart. The relationship between Gary and Walter is a heartwarming one, they truly look out for each other. Gary, his girlfriend and Walter eventually help to save the run down and abandoned Muppet Studios, but the movie is about the relationships people and Muppets have with themselves and each other, and the love for their families. That love never ends.

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