Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Key to My Heart . . .

Guest Writer Wednesday

The key to my heart . . .
By: Gaylin

Another useful souvenir from Disney is a keychain fob. I now have more of them than I have keys to put on them! The whole collection.

Chinese symbol, double happiness. Is it any wonder this is my everyday keychain.

This next key chain only has one key on it, it is too heavy to carry around all the time. It was a present from a friend and I love how the detail is on the front and the back.

This Tigger keychain was in use until recently. I just sold my car and this was the fob and ring that had my car keys on it.

A friend of mine has taken his family on two Disney cruises in the last 18 months, on his last trip he brought me back this wee present.

And last but not least, my weekend key chain, colourful and slightly sparkly (just like me . . .).

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