Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Britto Tigger!

Guest Writer Wednesday

Britto Tigger!
By: Gaylin

The most colourful Tigger ever! Still in the package.

Side and back panels.

Bottom & top of box. I am a frugal shopper so for me to spend $22 on a figurine, you know I like it.

And may I present, Tigger. I love the exclamation mark on his stomach and how his paws look like mittens.

Again with the heart shaped exclamation mark.

My camera wouldn't take a close-up of the writing on Tigger's bottom!

I did ponder over getting more than one figurine but Tigger is my all time favourite character and I loved this one and decided, since he's the only Tigger, I only need one figurine!


  1. Replies
    1. A bunch are on Ebay, buddy!

    2. I recently saw a big display of Britto products in a store here in Vancouver, including some of the Disney ones. The temptation is strong . . .


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