Saturday, May 4, 2013

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue opened in Disney's Hollywood Studios on May 20th of 2011, replacing the original Star Tours: Tour to Endor.
While we weren't there for the opening, the very first thing we did on our trip to Walt Disney World in September of that year was ride this new and much improved version of the ride.

The entertainment begins in the queue area, where there are plenty of site gags and chatty droids.

Speaking of Droids, our "pilots" are none other than C-3PO and R2-D2!

This 3D motion simulator ride to various random locales around the Star Wars Galaxy is a not to be missed ride, and, despite suffering from motion sickness, a must do each trip.

Next time you are at Hollywood Studios, or Disneyland, be sure to stop in and take a tour of the Galaxy with Star Tours, and May the Fourth Be With You!


  1. You should wear those glasses every day, they suit you!

    1. Some people would say my everyday glasses are actually very similar to these, Dr. D


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