Monday, May 13, 2013

Mickey's Wild West Vinylmation Series - A Tale of 2 Vinyls

A few weeks ago, Disney released the Mickey's Wild West Vinylmation series.

I picked up 2. 
The first one I got was Pluto. It looks like he's got a some torn fabric and a gold coin (?) in his mouth. Who'd he bite?

His holsters have bones in them.
The buttes and cactus on the ears are also a nice touch.

The next one I picked up turned out to be the chaser, Pegleg Pete!

The hat is removable. Love the mud on his boots.

Looks like Pete robbed a bank, but his pants have been ripped, and the loot is spilling out!

The mystery of who Pluto got a piece of is solved!

Good dog!

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