Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Didn't Even Know!

I love shoes. Just ask anybody! So when I saw this cute little dress/coverup/hoodie, I don't even know what to call this article of clothing, I was very drawn to it. It has shoes all over it! Awesome looking shoes, in fact. Shoes I have never seen before. Funny thing though, I couldn't understand why the Disney shops were selling this.

I didn't know what this had to do with any Disney theming. I left the shop empty handed as I usually do the first time around, before making a purchase. While Nick and I were walking around the parks chatting and looking around, we stopped into a pin trading booth and there in front of me was a package of shoe pins, (exactly like the ones on the dress) the "shoes of the princesses." Wow. I am so lame. How did I not know that?

So I guess this shows my age, that I didn't know that the princesses got an update on their footwear and I probably shouldn't even be wearing this, but it's shoes!


  1. Of course, you bought a new pair of real shoes to go with it... right?

  2. Now you have to go in search of every pair of shoes on the dress! Very cute and you are right, I wouldn't have thought of Princess shoes either.

  3. No new shoes were bought for this outfit! But Disney should go into the shoe selling business, they'd make a fortune.

  4. Hadn't seen this before. Shoes are turning up on pins, ornaments, and now dresses. Barbie's right, Disney should try shoes as shoes. :)


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