Sunday, October 30, 2016

Must Do, Will Do, Never Do at Walt Disney World - Episode 98 of The Disney Exchange

The Disney Exchange is Dave, Lisa and me, Nick

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Dave starts us off with a discussion about the surge in crowds during what has historically been a slower time of year at Walt Disney World, with, conversely, lower attendance at the parks in the Summer, likely due to the new Annual Pass tiers.

After some shout outs we launch into our main topic, sharing must do attractions, those attractions that we do occasionally, and the ones we avoid all together, or perhaps have never done at all, in each of Walt Disney World's parks.

2 Listener Polls:

We've asked lots of times, and it's back: Nemo the Musical or Festival of the Lion King?


Candy Corn. Yes or No?

The Wheel of Distiny topic this week has been submitted by Listener 58, Adam.
He asked for suggestions on dining for a large group, ages ranging from 5 to 69.

We cover planning for large groups more in depth on Episode 60.

As I promised, a link to this: Mickey's Backyard BBQ

Adam also suggested we talk about street performances. We covered lived shows on Episode 69, but will likely revisit this topic again in the future.

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