Sunday, October 16, 2016

WDW, a Hurricane, and Lisa Green - 096 The Disney Exchange Podcast

The Disney Exchange is Lisa Green, Dave Hodges, and me, Nick.

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This week Lisa shares highlights from her recent trip to Walt Disney World, the biggest being, I'm sure, was getting to spend time with me, regardless of how brief.


She also talks about her experience with Hurricane Matthew. And me.

Lisa, her family, and Barbie (or is that Stephanie?!) over my right shoulder.

The Wheel of Distiny topic: What is your favorite thing about the recently opened Soarin' Around the World?

Listener question: Have you noticed the new smells on Pirates of the Caribbean and what do you think they are, and do you miss the sulfur water smell?

We had some technical difficulties, and were on a bit of a tight recording schedule, so really didn't plug our Numbered Listener Giveaway which will be taking place on Episode 100 of The Disney Exchange.
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Oh, and so Dave doesn't feel left out:

Dave, Zach, me, Jill, and Barbie

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