Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Walt Disney World Buddy Trip 2016, Part 4 ; After Hours at the Magic Kingdom

By Nick

Who: Me and my friends Joe and Josh
Where: Walt Disney World, stayed Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, Kidani Village 

Part 4
Thursday, May 12th Continued

After dinner at Be Our Guest, we went to Guest Services to pick up our lanyards for the After Hours at the Magic Kingdom event, which gave us exclusive access to the park from 11pm-2am. This was a gift from our new friends Alison and Jim! We then made our way up Main Street to a spot to watch the Celebrate the Magic castle show and Wishes.

Left to Right: Alison, Josh, Joe, me, Jim

By then it was almost 1030pm. 
We rode the People Mover, watching the park empty out. 

Just a few minutes before the park closed, we went to Space Mountain

Now, I haven't ridden that in years because the last time I did I felt a bit motion sick, but, maybe because I'd been going on 5-6 hours sleep since about 730am and I was delirious by this point, or the excitement and adrenaline, or a combination of everything, I enjoyed it thoroughly, and didn't feel a bit ill.

So we immediately rode again!

During the event, there were ice cream carts serving frozen treats and Coca Cola products all over the park, and everything was included free! 

We hit Buzz's Space Ranger Spin, Pooh, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Peter Pan, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder, Pirates and the Jungle Cruise, some rides more than once, all with little to zero wait!

It was amazing to see the park so empty, we really felt that we had the park to ourselves! It was a surreal experience.

The only time we waited more than 5 minutes was at Princess Fairytale Hall.

Amazingly, I stayed awake the entire day. Anyone that knows me or frequent readers of this blog will know the I'm NOT a night owl, but the thrill of being in the Magic Kingdom at that time of night, and the feeling that it was open just for us, kept me pumped until the very end.

I can't thank Jim and Alison enough for this wonderful gift!

Please stop back soon for part 5!

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