Friday, June 3, 2016

The Canadian Cost of Travel to WDW

by Gaylin

A few years ago, the cost of exchanging Canadian currency for US currency was around par. This means that, as a Canadian, buying $1 US dollar would cost me $1 CDN. But not really, most currency exchange storefronts, tack 2 percent or more onto the cost of buying currency. If the dollars are at par, it is still going to cost $1.02 CDN or more to buy $1 US.

Right now the exchange rate is prohibitively high.

Yes, you are reading that correctly. 1 US dollar would cost me $1.30 cents to buy, oh wait, add on the 2-4 percent to actually buy the currency, this $1 US would cost me up to $1.34 CDN. 

Some people might think, that is not so bad, I would still go on vacation. And then there is the next surprise. Booking the vacation at Disney, means paying the US price for the vacation. Credit cards exchange rates will cost anywhere from 3-7% (ouch). This obviously varies widely depending on what credit card company you deal with.

Then there is booking the flight, again, if you are booking with a US based airlines, it will be US pricing on a credit card with a high exchange charge. If you are booking with a Canadian based airline, the cost could be significantly cheaper, only problem for me, here on the West Coast, flights via US airlines are usually much better routes and travel times.

On my last trip, the cost of the flights, after exchange was $773 US (Alaska Airlines). 

I went online and booked a pretend trip for the end of August, early September. One person, one week, Pop Century, 7 day park pass - no fancy options or food. The cost after credit card exchange would be about $1,922.68. Add to that the cost of the flights: $2,695 CDN. (please remember, this is with no food, souvenirs or mouse-keeping/restaurant tips)

I decided to check on the cost, adding the dining plan.

With the quick service plan, the cost after exchange would be $2,401.23 + airfare = $3,174.23 CDN.

With the table service plan, the cost after exchange would be $2,613.36 + airfare = $3,386.36 CDN. With the table service plans, there is the cost of tips as well.

What it comes down to, at the rate of exchange today, May 28, 2016. Every $1,000 US would cost me, $1,340 CDN. More or less depending on the exchange business or credit card you use.

This is why my next Walt Disney World vacation is . . .

I check the cost of exchange every day and someday soon (I hope) it will be good enough that I can justify booking a trip!

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