Sunday, June 19, 2016

Episode 79 of The Disney Exchange Podcast: Why, I Never!

By Nick 

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The Disney Exchange is David Hodges, Lisa Green, and me, Nicholas Maglio

This weeks show looks at those things at Walt Disney World the 3 of us have NEVER done, and have absolutely no intentions of ever doing, such as riding a crazy spinning ride...

...or even a not so crazy one...

 ...or never playing a carnival game at a park or a resort.

We then go on to list several things we have never done but intend to get around to eventually, such as eating at a certain restaurant or staying at a particular resort.

The Wheel of Distiny topic this week is from Gaylin. Where in a Walt Disney World Park have you taken a nap.

Thank you for the topic Gaylin! You can submit your Wheel suggestion or show topic idea to:
email: info@thedisneyexchange  

We are also asking for your etiquette questions, as we are in negotiations to bring social graces expert Miss Pixie back on to the show, so, please, if you have anything, please let us know on any of our social media pages!

Thank you for listening to another tightly produced episode of The Disney Exchange Podcast!

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