Sunday, May 22, 2016

Episode 75 of The Disney Exchange- Summer Awakens at Walt Disney World

By Nick

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The Disney Exchange is Lisa Green, Dave Hodges, and me, Nick Maglio.

The show begins with my feedback on last week's show, which I was mostly absent for (I apologize to my legion of fan(s?)), because I was having dinner at Be Our Guest in the Magic Kingdom thanks to friends Alison and Jim, and I share my favorite scene from The Little Mermaid.

This episode continues in the right direction as my favorite topic is discussed. Me.

I share observances and thoughts from my recent trip to Walt Disney World, such as the Casey's Hot Dog Cart that now goes up and down Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom before the Festival of Fantasy, as well as new PhotoPass opportunities which I also noticed prior to the FoF parade.


There are also a few new surprises to be found during the Hitchhiking Ghosts scene in The Haunted Mansion (wish I had a photo, sorry) which you may find to be very cool or very creepy!

Haunted Mansion

I go on to talk about my After Hours at the Magic Kingdom experience, which was a lovely gift from Alison and Jim.

Also After Hours 

We go on to discuss many of the events that are due to debut this Summer at Walt Disney World.

Well, Dave and I do. Lisa is mostly busy on Twitter!

The Wheel of Distiny topic is brought to us by listener Dexter L : Who was your first Disney guide and how did they help with your love of Disney?


Thank you for the excellent suggestion Dexter, and if you have a Wheel topic or show suggestion, please drop us a line on:
Or email us at: info@thedisneyexchange  

Thank you for listening to the Disney Exchange Podcast, the World's best Disney Podcast called The Disney Exchange.

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