Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary Figure

By: Nick

I bought this great ceramic commemorative figure of Genie, Simba, Mickey Mouse, and Goofy back in 1996 during Walt Disney World's 25th Anniversary.

A Magical Time in a Magical Place. This figure measures 7 inches tall.

An interesting collection of characters. It works for me though.

It's time to remember the magic!  Made in Thailand.
Original price: $45.

This is reminiscent of the "group hug" scene in Aladdin, after Al has made his third and final wish, freeing Genie. I love that scene, and actually have a sericel of the "Group Hug" that I'll share in a future post.


  1. Cool! And yes, that is an interesting group of characters. I like how the genie is encompassing them all, a real gem for your collection.


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