Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Disney Exchange- Episode 16 Show Notes: Take a Ride Vehicle Home

By Nick

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Main Topic- Take a Ride Vehicle Home

-The Disney Exchange is Lisa Green, David Hodges, and me, Nicholas Maglio

-We start this weeks show discussing Disney's testing a pre-selection of 4 FastPasses instead of 3.

Is it limited? Time will tell. Check back, especially on our Facebook page, we'll be keeping an eye on it.

 photo: David Hodges

-I congratulate and compliment Dave and Lisa on their numerous Podcast guest appearances as of late. (I know, right? I was shocked to learn there are OTHER Podcasts besides ours too!)

-Spring Break is CRAZY busy.

-We get into our main topic: Ride Vehicle alternative uses. We go park to park, each choosing a ride such as Lisa's 1st choice of a Doom Buggy where she converts it into a Doom Buggy Barcalounger.

 -This topic really brings out Dave's entrepreneurial side.

-This holiday season, if you go on a Christmas lights tour in a vehicle that looks like it belongs in Ellen's Energy Adventure, and it's being driven by a man who looks like he may have had one too many Shofferhoffer's, be sure to say hello to him, that's our very own David Hodges!

-Stop by Lisa's for a refreshing glass of Clamato.

-If you see me cruising around in a street legal Time Rover from Dinosaur, flag me down for a free ride, providing my "team" which consists of my hairdresser, makeup person, wardrobe wrangler, my opera singing bodyguard (hi Bruno!), etc. aren't taking up all the seats.

 Seeker showing off my new sweet ride.

-This week's Wheel of Distiny topic: A Disney movie you'd like to see remade or a sequel to.

Dave: A Frozen sequel - UnFrozen. And The Princess and the Frog.
My Pick: A remake of The Black Hole
Lisa: A remake of Old Yeller
-Finally, what is your opinion of the Dumbo live action movie by Tim Burton?

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