Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Disney Exchange- Episode 18 Show Notes: Disney Souvenirs

By Nick 

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-Main Topic: Disney Souvenirs

-The Disney Exchange is Lisa Green, David Hodges, and me, Nicholas Maglio

-This weeks show starts with a hair catastrophe, but everything turns out fine thanks to my personal hair stylist, Sasha.

-We give a shout out to my home state of Pennsylvania and learn a little geography. Edutainment!

-The main topic of souvenirs starts with Lisa's love of Christmas ornaments, and we discuss where to purchase such things as well as shipping.

-The first of many tangents occurs when I bring up having a Mickey Mouse Bandleader Big-Fig shipped home and Dave and I learn that Lisa actually has a very pleasant singing voice!

-Dave steers us back on course and we talk about Mickey Mouse Ear Hats and baseball caps, and the numerous variations to be had. Lisa shares a short history of the Ear Hat.

 Photo: Lisa Green

-3 words. Dogs Playing Poker.

-I talk about the Disney souvenirs I buy, such as Christmas and special event ornaments, tee-shirts, including purchases from the Disney Store.

-Warning: It's bad luck to wear a rides tee shirt ON the actual ride! Don't believe us? How would YOU feel if YOU were stuck on It's a Small World?

Photo: Lisa

-We discuss Disney Pins. Or Pens. I'm still not sure. (I'm kidding Dave!) If you stop by Dave's house, bring pins to trade.

-The Disney Exchange Touring Tip: Disney's Pin Traders in Downtown Disney is the best place for pins in Walt Disney World.

-The Disney Exchange Tee Shirt is discussed. Stay tuned for exciting info concerning these in the future!

 Photo: Lisa

-We very briefly look at the rise and fall of Vinylmation before breaking into a discussion of conspicuous alcoholism and various drinking vessels. We possibly insult hobos. We apologize to any of our hobo listeners who may be listening to our show at this time while in front of a fire in a trash can.

-We break into a discussion of limited edition souvenirs selling out very early into events and I start a rant on people buying collectibles and selling them at wildly inflated prices on eBay.
People like collectible popcorn buckets. I like collectible popcorn buckets.

-Lisa brings up my Disney collectible finds at flea markets, yard sales, etc., and we then wind up talking about Disney Popcorn Buckets again.

-Dave and Lisa are not fans of Disney popcorn. I know. I'm sorry.

-We get off the popcorn buckets, and then get back into them almost immediately.

-Dave and Lisa's favorite collectibles are coffee mugs, and we talk about Dave's collection.

-Lisa brings up prints art prints.

The Wheel of Distiny: Favorite Scene in Epcot's Spaceship Earth

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  1. Yes, indeed I do collect! Way too much according to my husband! I collect ornaments, figurines, Vinylmation (not many), popcorn buckets, hats and PINS! I think I have over 500 pins now. I usually pick up at least 4-5 each trip.


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