Friday, April 10, 2015

Favourite Food Friday-The Wave

By Gaylin 

I have been a fan of The Wave restaurant in the Contemporary Resort since the first time I went. I love the way the restaurant is decorated, the great service and how quiet it is. If you are booked there and want a really quiet meal, ask the host when you check in for a table away from everyone else!

My favourite meal there is the filet, I do love steak and this dish is melt-in-your-mouth steak. The parsnip puree that came with is was smooth and creamy and a big helping of freshly picked green beans  was a lovely addition!

My friend Tyler had the lamb chops and I can honestly say that this was her favourite meal of the trip as well. It is a good thing I took this photo before she started eating because that entree disappeared quickly!

Sadly, neither of us enjoyed our dessert. They no longer have the trio desserts to choose from, those trios were a great way for someone like me with food allergies, to get dessert choices. The only thing that was safe for me on the new menu was the Creme Brulee and while I love creme brulee, this version is 'no sugar added', which turned out to mean 'no flavour added'. Yep, totally tasteless. Tyler had the German Chocolate Cake and only ate part of it, she wasn't impressed with its flavour either.

This was also the first time our server was not-so-great. She was wonderful at the start of the meal but by dessert time, it was like she had totally lost interest in coming to our table.

Good thing that our entrees were so amazing!


  1. Wow sorry the dessert wasn't as good as the entrees. But that steak looks great - I love a good steak as well. We haven't been to the Wave in awhile, looks like I need to pay a visit. Thanks for sharing and linking up with Favorite Food Friday!!!

    1. Boh of our entrees were the best meal of the trip so, yes - head back to the Wave for another visit! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I hate to have a meal end on a down note. :( Glad that your entrée was awesome.

    1. Lorelei, it was a bit of a downer to have a not so good set of desserts but that entree - so wonderful.


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