Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The Animal Kingdom, a pictorial

by Gaylin

I have taken many tours at Walt Disney World. One thing the guides always say is to look up and down and pay attention to all the details in the theming in the parks. On this visit to the Animal Kingdom, I did just that. And I took photos for you all!

Many people stop and take a photo of this sign on their way in, and don't pay attention to the details once they are in the park.

Like this pebble mosaic on the floor of a store.

Look up when you are in the line-up for the Lion King show.

 I sure wish there was a quiet garden!

Beautiful place to sit and people watch.

 A bird house.

Beautiful carved lamp post.

And another!

Carved sign post.

Stone frog on a walk way, I wonder how many people just walk by?

Roof line of a souvenir kiosk.

Support beam base.

And another one!

And another one, I always think this tortoises look a bit under pressure . . .

The roof line of a store, beautiful.

Finally, even the exit signs are colourful and fun.

Next trip to one of the parks, remember to stop and look at all the details the Imagineers put in place for you!

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