Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Getting to the theme park

by Gaylin

Walt Disney World has a wonderful bus system. Nothing is easier than leaving your resort and getting to the theme park.

First you wait in the line for the park you want to go to, me - I am going to the Magic Kingdom! I had slept in a bit so the only other people in the line for the bus, took my photo!

 When you get off the bus, another sign to help you on the way.

And another sign . . .

This is the sign that will tell you where your resort bus is when you are leaving the park.

Entry into the park looks the same as always but you have security to go through, they were directing most people through the scanners while I was there this time. Slowed things down greatly.

The train station was being refurbished so not much of a view when you walk in.

Off to the right of the entries is locker and stroller rentals.

Welcome! Remember to pick up a park map.

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