Friday, February 17, 2017

Tiffins, a Wonderful Meal

by Gaylin

One of the great things to do on a vacation, is have a special meal. I was able to get an ADR at Tiffins for my first day at the Animal Kingdom and had a long time from booking the reservation to the actual meal to look forward to eating there.

I was not let down! The restaurant is lovely, the cast members terrific and the food!!! As I sat down, I was handed an official, leather-bound allergy menu. I was thrilled, I had a choice of entrees.

I chose this:

Excuse the fact that I have taken a forkful from this photo but I was very hungry and took  a bite before I took a photo . . .

The pork was perfectly cooked and wonderfully seasoned, by the time I was finished, I had used the bites of pork to wipe all the mole sauce off the plate. So very good. This was the first tamale I had ever had, the flavour was really good but it needed a bit more seasoning or a bit of some sauce inside it to bring out the flavour. There was pork in the tamale but it was lacking in salt. The hominy succotash, another first for me, was also flavourful but needed just a bit more something to round out the taste. Minor problems, believe me, I ate it all!

Again, I was thrilled that I had more than one choice for dessert. With food allergies, I am used to getting told, I am sorry - we having nothing you can eat . . . would you like ice cream. (No)

This was my dessert:
I made the right choice, see . . .

This dessert was the perfect balance of sweet, with the ganache and banana, tart, with the raspberry sauce and pomegranate seeds and savoury - Egyptian sea salt on the ganache. The cocoa nib tulle - slightly bitter and a great crunch. This is possibly the best dessert I have had in my life. 

Would I go back to Tiffins. Yes, absolutely.

Not just wonderful food. The decor in the restaurant is beautiful and after a hectic theme park day, lovely and quiet as well. As I was eating my meal and reading on my Kindle, the manager of the restaurant came by, after asking if I was enjoying my meal, he mentioned that the restaurant wasn't busy that night and if I wanted, I could stay and read as long as I wanted to. My kind of restaurant.

If you are thinking of going to Tiffins, please look at the menu online and pay attention to the prices. This is not a restaurant to go to if you are on a budget. A definite splurge. Hopefully, it is a splurge I can afford every time I go to Walt Disney World!

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