Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Figment's Brush with the Masters

by Gaylin

On my recent trip to Walt Disney World (January 18-31, 2017), I discovered that I love the scavenger hunt games at the parks. Whether it was Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom or Wilderness Explorer's, I loved them all.

A game they have at Epcot, only during the hastily announced Epcot International Festival of the Arts, is called Disney Figment's Brush with the Masters.

You play this game by going to the Disney Traders store and purchasing a map and sticker set for $6.99 (usually these scavenger hunts are free but you will understand the cost at the end of this article). As you can see, at the World Showcase there is a spot at each country where you can put a corresponding sticker!

I started my Figment painting hunt at Canada, where else would I start - I am Canadian! You need to look in the shops, Kidcot areas etc, until you find the painting that is on the sticker. Wait! There is a catch, the sticker is the original painting, the painting you are looking for will have Figment in it.

At Canada, I found the painting, (nope, not telling you where) and put the right sticker on my map. Look closely, can you find Figment?

United Kingdom, no need to look closely for this Figment!

France, Figment on a bridge . . .

Morocco, this painting was different. As the original painting is a design of colours, Figment does not actually appear in the painting, just the colours that represent him.

I loved the original painting (on the small sticker) and it was a fairly easy find at Japan as well!

The American pavilion, Figment takes his place in history. 

Italy . . . is this Mona Figment or Figment Lisa? You decide. 

Germany, unlike the other pavilions, I don't recognize the original painting at all. I do like it better with Figment in it! 

China, this one was a hard find as the store is quite big and colourful, it was also very busy there the day I was searching.

Norway was another difficult one, especially since I didn't know they had added a building to the pavilion! I did love the painting of screaming Figment, how fun is this. I admit, I needed cast member help in finding this one.

And finally Mexico, this was the most difficult for me to find. It was the last one I needed and I was tired and, ahem, getting a bit cranky. I asked for help from a cast member again, and when she noticed me wandering around, totally unable to find it . . . she walked me right to it. Thank you, anonymous cast member, couldn't have done it without you. The Figment in this painting isn't that noticeable at first glance, I think that I walked by it twice without seeing it.

When you complete the map, it looks like this. 

Then you return to where you bought the map, Disney Traders store and they stamp the with an old stamp from 2013, that says 'Holidays from Around the World 2013 - Complete'. And you get your prize!!! This is why there is an initial cost for the map, your prize is a choice of 4 magnets. Each of the magnets is a copy of one of the Figment paintings. I chose Mona Figment!

One of the things I really enjoy about doing these games at the parks, is that it makes me look at things differently. Looking at the walls, paying attention to the decorations and theming. A great way to learn and have fun.

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  1. I got a post card in the mail about FOTA and loved the design of it. Can't wait to hear all about it from you when we see you! Love the FOTA Figment mug and all the famous paintings with him - hilarious!


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