Friday, February 10, 2017

Disney Sweet Things – Animal Kingdom

by Gaylin

It is safe to say that I love chocolate, not just any chocolate, mind you – I love good, high quality chocolate. You can call me a chocolate snob, I won't mind.

I missed the opening of the Harambe Market area when I was at Walt Disney World in 2015 but I had heard of Zuri's Sweets and wasn't going to miss it this time. Especially since they had a chocolate that was calling out to me.

My first theme park visit, during this trip was to the Animal Kingdom. I admit, I zeroed in on Zuri's Sweets and had a great chat with the cast member. It was a hot day, I didn't want to carry chocolate in my backpack all day, she promised there would be lots available later in the day. (yes I know this is a bad photo of the shop but the only one I have)

What am I talking about? Dark chocolate chilli flavoured Mickey Mouse head!!! I bought 2 at the end of the day but didn't try them yet.

When I met up with Nick and Barbie later that week, I gifted a chocolate to Barbie. When we met at the Animal Kingdom the next day, it was reported to me that the chocolate was a big hit. Enough of a hit that Barbie bought another one for us to share. And she was right!

This is a good dark chocolate, nice snap when you bite it and the chilli isn't evident at first melt. Once the chocolate has really hit your palate, the heat shows up and stays. A very good treat, one I will definitely had again. In fact, I brought 3 of them home with me. Along with one of the milk chocolate Mickey heads for comparison. It has banana crisps in it.

The milk chocolate one is nothing special, no banana taste in evidence but if you like milk chocolate, go for it!

Both treats are worth one snack credit each. I do recommend the dark chocolate more than the milk but if you are not a spiced chocolate fan, the milk will do just fine! At 3 inches across, these are a good size of a treat for the price.

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