Friday, February 24, 2017

Mickey Pants Sundae

by Gaylin

At the Plaza Ice Cream Parlour on Mainstreet, in the Magic Kingdom, you can get a good treat and a great souvenir. A souvenir I have always wanted! I meant to get one on my last trip to Walt Disney World, when I had someone to share it with but we forgot. This time I decided that for the sake of research and my need for the souvenir, I would go it alone.

What am I talking about?

Mickey's Kitchen Sink Sundae or as I call it the Mickey Pants Sundae.  I think it is pretty reasonable to get this great souvenir and a big treat for $14.99.

Here is my sundae, one scoop of chocolate and one of vanilla ice cream, hot fudge sauce and even though I said no whipped cream, I ended up with it anyways. Darn.

For the sake of research, I did my best but I could not finish all of this. I did dig out all the fudge sauce as it was really good, so was the chocolate ice cream. The vanilla was kind of tasteless.

I was worried I wouldn't get it home intact, that the handles or faucet would break off but I did it! Now I just have to find something special enough to put in the pants bowl!

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