Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Rockin' The Dots!

by Gaylin

Shortly before I left for vacation, Nick messaged me that it was National Polka Dot day on January 22 and would I like to meet him and Barbie at Disney Springs to Rock the Polka Dots with Minnie. 

I went right out the same day to shop for something polka dotted. How sad that my wardrobe was polka dot free. I found a sweater and was all set.

We met first thing in the morning, Barbie and I wearing our dots and went shopping. As soon as the stores started to open, a cast member came out of a shop and handed Barbie and me Rock the Dots buttons. Yay, I love buttons! 

I think it is pretty easy to tell that we are having fun.

Just by chance we were in the right place at the right time to come across the Rock the Dots dance party, with none other than Minnie herself!

Minnie even has her own DJ. He had everyone grooving to the music, especially the little kids. I am so glad we got here for this event.

Another surprise was that some of the stores were offering a discount for people wearing polka dots and the Rock the Dots pin. Cool!

If I am ever back in Disney Springs for National Polka Dot day, you can be guaranteed that I will be proudly rocking my dots.

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