Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why Disney? Disney Character Surprise!

By Nick

You may have had this discussion at work; 

Me: "I'm off next week."
Co-Worker- "Going anywhere?"
Me: "Yes. Guess where."
Co-Worker- "Again? Don't you you get sick of going there?"
Me: "It's a different trip every time. Different people, different restaurants, different experiences."

Experiences like this one;

My wife and I were in Epcot's World Showcase with our friends Kandi, John, Grayson, Jazzlyn, Laurie and Angelo. Laurie, Angelo and I had just gotten some adult beverages to go from the Rose and Crown Pub and were strolling towards Canada when we saw 2 Disney characters I had never seen out, Honest John Foulfellow the Fox and Gideon the Cat, the 2 con-artists who sell Pinocchio to Stromboli in the animated classic Pinocchio.

They were waving to us to follow them. So we joined a few other park guests who had also spotted this duo. They led us into the World Showplace area between the UK and Canada. Knowing about this pair's devious past, maybe we should have been more cautious? Well, I'm glad we weren't, because, with a wave of Foulfellow's hands, and a flap of his cape, the gate opened...

 ...to reveal Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, a Penguin from Mary Poppins, Rafiki, Baloo and King Louie!

 We basically had them to ourselves, along with a small group of people, and had plenty of time to get numerous photos with each!

Note in the photo below, in the bottom right corner of the photo, is the adult beverage, a Shandy, I had just gotten from the Rose and Crown. Obviously, Disney won't take a photo with someone holding a drink with one of their beloved characters, so at each character, I was asked to put aside my "Apple Juice", which is what I shall forever more refer to a Shandy as.

It's experiences like this that keep us coming back time and again!


  1. This was so unexpected and so fun! I Love the Rose and Crown "apple juice" of Guiness and cider or as they call it a "Black Velvet"

  2. We once had Belle all to ourselves! She was in France, had just come out of the back gate & she stopped when she saw the look on my son's face. She waved off her handler and kneeled (knelt?) down to talk just to him. It was an amazing experience and it's moments like that to come back for!

    1. Thanks for sharing that wonderful memory!

  3. Once my wife and I were in Epcot, sitting in a shady spot watching the people walk be. Out came Stitch, sat down next to my wife who did not see him coming, and took off one of her Crocs and just started walking away. The look on my wife's face was priceless! I wish I had the camera ready! The handler had to say "Now Stitch be good and give the lady her shoe back". Stitch played with it for quite a while..priceless!

  4. This and countless other stories are what keep us coming back. Thanks to all of you for sharing!


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