Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Couple of Mug Shots

By Gaylin 

Every now and then I take a trip to a mall I greatly dislike here in Vancouver. Why? Because it has the Disney store in it. Why else? When I need a Disney pick-me-up and a trip is too far away, it is great to go there and feel the magic for a little while.

On one visit I got this lovely mug. Perfect way to have hot chocolate! 


The front has a lovely portrait of everyone’s favourite Tigger.

The back lets you know what time it is.

And the bottom lets you know that it was bought at a Disney store and made in Thailand.

Next I was mugged by my own sister! But that’s OK, because I love it when other people ‘shop Disney’ for me at their thrift stores. My sister found this mug in her local store and got it for me, in case I might like it. 

I like it very much. I have no idea if it was an actual ‘bought souvenir’ or possibly a ‘stolen from a sit-down restaurant’ mug. Either way, I know it is older and that it is in perfect shape.

The gold leaf around the rim doesn’t have a single nick or mark on it!

And the trade mark shows that it was made in Japan for Walt Disney Productions – so maybe it was made for the Disney offices and not for a theme park at all!
I am just happy that it is now mine. So… have you been mugged lately?

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