Friday, March 31, 2017

Treats from The Ganachery

by Gaylin

One of the shops I was most looking forward to going to at Disney Springs was The Ganachery. I love well made chocolates and this shop has quickly gotten a reputation for having very good chocolate!

My first visit, I bought a small box of 6 chocolates. It was first thing in the morning and it also was a hot day. You can leave your chocolates in the shop, they put a tag with your name on the bag and you can pick it up on your way to the bus stop!

I chose 6 dark chocolates, since dark is my favourite! I saved them, waited until I really wanted a treat and had 2 chocolates, 3 days in a row. Isn't the packaging lovely! And that wee box, has a magnet in the flap so the box stays shut.

First up is the mint chocolate, this turned out to be my favourite. Good mint flavour with a touch of spearmint! Wonderful.

Second up was the Egyptian Sea Salt. This was good but it would turn out to be my third favourite.

Next . . . dark chocolate ganache. This was my second favourite, smooth, silky a lovely piece of chocolate.

I was a tiny bit disappointed in the Chipotle Pepper, it tasted good but had very little heat. If I buy a spiced chocolate, I do expect a bit of a kick.

I was sure this raspberry chocolate would have a real burst of berry flavour, with the freeze dried raspberry on top. Again, the flavour was quite mild. Good but mild.

Finally, the Orange. I enjoyed this but yet again, wanted a bigger burst of orange flavour. I would buy any of these again. Don't get me wrong, none of these is getting a bad review, just need a bit more flavour.

I was back at Disney Springs on my last morning at Walt Disney World. Of course, I went to The Ganachery. I picked up this little beauty to bring home. It is a dark chocolate salted caramel pop. I can't recommend this enough!!! Soft, smooth caramel with just a hint of salt, wrapped in good dark chocolate. I managed to get this home intact, not even a crack in the chocolate. I was going to make myself eat it 1/3 at a time (over 3 days). After I got that first taste, it was all gone that first day. I would definitely recommend this as a treat. Seriously. Good.

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