Saturday, September 17, 2016

Are You a Disney Geek?

Walt, Mickey, and Me

By Lisa Green  

We go by many names – Disney Geek, Disney Nerd, Disney Maniac even – but we all have one thing in common:  Disney is more to us than a man, a theme park, or a movie-making company.  Disney is a way of life.  We are the Disney-addicted and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Are you a Disney Geek?  Take this quiz to find out.  Give yourself one point for every true statement.
  1. You have a Disney vacation planned.
  2. You’re using a countdown calendar or app to keep track of the number of days until that vacation.
  3. You have a Disney collection of some sort (pins, vinylmation, figurines, etc.). 
  4.  Your car shows off your DisneySide with an antenna-topper, magnet, or window cling.
  5. You are wearing a something Disney-related right now.
  6. You have at least one framed Disney picture hanging in your home.
  7. You listen to a Disney playlist while working out or cleaning house.
  8. You have ever cooked a Disney restaurant recipe at home.
  9. Your pet has a Disney name.
  10. You know the meaning of all of the following:  FP+, MDE, ME, MM+, TOT, BTMRR, EE, TSMWM, ADR, and SSE.
  11. You can say “Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas.” perfectly and you know what it means.
  12. You regularly check the Orlando weather and you don’t live in Florida.
  13. Your morning coffee or tea is consumed from a Disney mug.
  14. You’ve been emotional (and unashamed) on Main Street U.S.A.
  15. You have cravings for Dole Whips, Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars, or Churros.
  16. You have at least one Magic Band and will keep it forever.
  17. You purchase at least one new Disney guide book every year.
  18. You have a treasured photo of yourself (as an adult) with your favorite Disney character.
  19. You read Disney blogs or listen to Disney podcasts.
  20. You write for a Disney blog or host a Disney podcast.
5-10:  You like Disney vacations and some Disney merchandise, but you’re not obsessive.
11-15: You’re a real Disney fan and it shows!
16 or more:  You are a certified Disney addict.
Leave a comment!  What kind of Disney fan are you?

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  1. Boom - 17 . . .
    No surprise.

    You missed one or more Disney tattoos!


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