Sunday, November 26, 2017

Designing Our Own Disney Park - Episode 154 of The Disney Exchange Podcast

The Disney Exchange is Lisa, Dave, and me, Nick

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This week's show was suggested by listener Claire. "If you could open a new park, what 5 rides would you put in there from the existing Disney parks around the world."

I suggest this new park be called Nickland, but I'm quickly shot down. We finally decide on Potatoland. Why Potatoland?  

This Mickey Mouse cartoon is why!

Lisa and Dave go international while I keep it strictly USA, but we feel we came up with a really great mix.

 My #1 choice, Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission : Breakout 
from Disney's California Adventure

The centerpiece of Potatoland? Potatoship Earth of course!

Lisa, me, and Lisa's husband Raymond

The Wheel of Distiny topic this week is also from a listener, Glen. Glen asks what intellectual property is under-represented or not represented at all. After a few ideas we decide this topic deserves it's own episode, so please come back for that soon!

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