Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Rock Inn at Disney's All Star Music Resort

by Gaylin

On previous trips to Walt Disney World I have stayed at the Pop Century. This trip, I wanted to get the Play, Stay and Dine Discount. In order to get the discount, I had to stay at the All Star Music Resort. I knew the room would be the same size and have the same amenities, small fridge, hair blow dryer, safe, ironing board & iron, so I booked this resort instead of Pop.

When I got there, about 6 in the evening, I found out my room was in the Rock Inn section. One thing I noticed right away when I left the lobby building - the lighting around this resort is not as bright as at Pop. It was a bit more difficult to figure out where the building was but have no fear, I did find my room.

I always take a photo of my room number, in case I lose my camera, hopefully someone will scroll the first few photos and see this!

In the daytime, you can spot this small circle sign - this lets you know which building you are in. Not easy to see!

This is the front of the Rock Inn buildings, a faux jukebox at the centre, behind which is the stairs and elevators.

At the base of the jukebox is this 'album'. If you look close you can see the grooves in the concrete - just like a record album!

The rooms are 260 square feet and have 2 full beds. The rooms used to have queen sized beds but with renovations, slowly but surely, those were all replaced with full sized (double) beds.

You have this cute shelf and hook on the wall in the room, a good place for jackets or a great spot to dry a plastic rain poncho!

The bathrooms are all separated, the sink & mirror outside of the small room with the toilet and shower. Right beside it is the area for hanging clothes or putting bags up top. As you can see there is an iron, ironing board and also in this area is the safe (you can see it in the mirror).

I didn't get a photo of the tub/toilet but I did take one of the groovy shower curtain! 

All the rooms have one window, these do not open. (Unless you are in a suite, then the window in the living room area of the suite will open.)

 This was my view. The parking lot for All Star Sports - next door. You might think I would complain about this but nope, I loved this. My room was quiet all the time. If you face a pool or the courtyard of the buildings, you will get much more noise happening. Yes, I did have a bit of a trek to the lobby and buses but I was good with that as well, it was great to be in a quiet corner for my 2 week stay.

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