Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Our Hurricane Matthew Weekend : Part 4

By Nick

Saturday 10/9/16

Barbie and I arrived at Epcot early, hoping to say hello to our friend Kathy, who work's at the front entrance. And we did!

We were admitted a little before 9am, and proceeded with the throngs to Soarin' Around the World.
The first time we had ridden, 3 days earlier, we were seated on the far right. This time we were lucky enough to get the exact center seats.

Unlike the first version of Soarin,' there is absolutely a difference in experience depending on where you sit. There was considerable distortion in the image, especially noticeable during certain scenes featuring monuments, the Eiffel Tower in particular, when seated off to the side.
My Disney Exchange Podcast co-hosts and I discussed this on a recent episode, and speculated as to if this is dependent on which theater you get. More investigation is clearly required!
Except for the distortion, it is a wonderful attraction, but...I miss the original.

We met up with Jill and Zach at Seasons before riding Imagination followed by our first visit to the DVC lounge located within the pavilion.

We spent awhile there enjoying this wonderful new DVC perk celebrating the programs 25th Anniversary, but I was disappointed to find out from a Cast Member that it may not be a permanent fixture!

This little rest was followed up by hitting several Food and Wine kiosks, as well as a stop in Germany for a more substantially sized beer than those offered at the booths.

We headed to Animal Kingdom late in the afternoon, making a stop at the Dawa Bar for Mojitos, while we waited for our Kilimanjaro Safari Fastpass window to open up, followed by a walk through the Pangani Forest trail.

Dinner that evening was at the recently opened Tiffins.
I had not read any reviews, and didn't really know what to expect, but will say this. I had one of the most delicious pieces of fish I ever had in my life. The halibut was amazing. The entire dish was fantastic.

Before leaving the park for the evening, we visited Mickey and Minnie at the Adventurers Outpost, an appropriate end to a somewhat adventurous trip!

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