Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Jammin' at Epcot

Guest Writer Wednesday

Jammin' at Epcot!
By Gaylin

If you look on the Epcot daily schedule, it will have a listing for the Jammitor's, if you haven't watched this trio, make sure you do next trip.

If you like really good percussion and really bad puns and jokes, these guys are for you!

(Note: During the Food & Wine Festival they may be listed as the Jammin' Chefs and trade out their garbage cans for stoves!)

They will be listed as playing outside either East or West Innoventions, I think it depends on the time of the year so they can get a little shade.

In all their glory - The Jammitors!!!

Time for some crowd gathering.

Dude's got the bling going on.

He noticed me taking photos and struck a pose, isn't he cool.

Time to bring the noise.

Solo time.

Second solo, gee, where did he get that awesome hat . . .

The drum kit logo. The trio hangs around for a couple of minutes after they are done to talk to kids and hand out stickers that match the Jiminy Cricket logo on the front to encourage recycling.


  1. They always get a big crowd, they are a great attraction all unto themselves!

    1. I love puns and these guys are very punny.

      I think the only group I have found punnier . . . is the Cadaver Dans at the Halloween Party. Those guys are awesome.


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