Saturday, December 29, 2012

Patience is a Paintbox

Patience is a virtue,
Possess it if you can;
It's rarely in a woman,
And never in a man!
That poem is a family hand-me-down from my grandparents. They probably loved it because the harsh climate they lived in made for very long, rough winters. It is a poem that has stuck with me, because I realize my shortcomings with patience and actively work on it. (Hubbie snorted when he read that, and said, yeah, right!)
This is a story of obtaining an awesome, vintage Disney paintbox for my Disney Husband's Christmas present. It started off innocently enough, I was browsing around one of my favorite thrift stores. This shop is known for being extremely crowded and hard to maneuver around.

I heard a lady ask to see an item in a locked case. I was on the other side of the case and, yes, I was eavesdropping in on their conversation which went something like this, "I'd like to see that Disney paint box, please." My interest piqued. The shop guy, "Of course, you have a good eye, it's really hidden back there!" The lady exclaimed, "Hmm, there's no paint in this? I'm not sure if I want this!" And finally the guy said, "Well, it will be here if you want to look around, or come back."

I was heading up the stairs at that point so as not to arouse any suspicions, and let the other customer make up her mind on her own! When I came back down I made a bee-line for the case where the paint tin was, and miracle or miracles, it was still there! I ran over to the shop guy and asked to see an item in the case and when we walked over to it and he asked me what I wanted to see, I almost burst out laughing, "The paint tin!" He said,  "I just had someone in here who was looking at that," and I said "I know, hehehe!"

I went up to the counter to pay and I was giddy, I told the guy that I thought it was a real bargain even without the paint that originally came with it, as the graphics were lovely, and no rust-and no real dents or dings! I gave the lady half an hour after she left the store to return and buy the tin, so patience on my part paid off this time. If you see something in a charity shop, or thrift store and the price is right, buy it; because you never know who is behind you peering over your shoulder for the exact same thing!


  1. There's a flea market not far from my home that has had 8 or 9 of these mint condition tins for months. The pricing is too high so no one is buying! I'm waiting (patiently)for the prices to drop. Some have some paint left with a brush or two.

    Gorgeous graphics for sure!

  2. Lee, make them an offer, you never know, maybe no one has ever made an offer.

  3. Lucky girl and lucky husband!!


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