Sunday, May 13, 2012

Who Loves Hunny?

We do! Every smart bear knows that honey is awesome! Every batch has a unique set of flavors: floral, fruity, dark, heavy, light and springy...Pooh and I could wax poetic about the flavors of honey. But did you know that honey has other amazing properties as well?

Honey is a great source of antioxidants, and everyone needs those in their diets! Antioxidants prevent free radicals from doing damage in your body. The darker honeys possess more antioxidants, such as Pine-Barren and Buckwheat honeys.

Honey is antibacterial! The antimicrobial agent in honey that keeps bacteria from growing in it makes it useful for treating wounds, cuts and abrasions. Cover your cut in honey to prevent bacteria from entering the wound and to promote healing; another plus to honey, it prevents scarring and promotes the growth of new tissue! Mmm, Pooh is wondering why don't doctors use honey? Ahh, more for him!

Honey is hygroscopic, which means it attracts water. It absorbs moisture from the air. So...if you like to spread honey on your skin or face, yum yum, it will keep you looking young and fresh. Use it on your hair or fur to keep your tresses looking glossy and healthy.

Just take a look at Pooh. Healthy, happy and enjoying a diet of nature's finest!

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