Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Members of the Family

The Best Disney Husband in the World surprised me with these wonderful anniversary gifts. Now, if you know him, he loves to say things like, "No gifts this year, right?" This happens on many holiday and special occasions. He traps the one he's speaking to into a false sense of security. I fall for it every time!
I love Lilo and Stitch and collect any pin I can find with their likeness on it. I have always loved these WDCC figures, but they were always something I would just put out of my mind, due to their cost.

So, the Best Disney Husband knew I wanted these ever since they came out in 2003. Sometimes one can get great deals on Ebay for Disney items, one just has to be patient, and patient he was! If you are ever looking for something in particular and can't pay full price, try Ebay or Craig's List. You would be surprised how many cool Disney items are for sale through these sites, and many more. Have you ever tried Goodwill online? They are an auction style site and if you type in Disney, some interesting things pop up! Good hunting to all of you looking for that wonderful piece you just have to have.

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