Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Morning Flea Market Find

Even I have been known to bring home a Disney item or two, and when I saw this little Figment sitting on a table amidst the clutter, my heart started to pitter-patter. How did my husband miss this? Does he already have this and that's why he passed it up?

No, I know that he was oblivious. I know where certain things are hidden; I know the vendors; I stop and chat and they know me by sight, at least. So when I went up to the lady and asked her some questions about the Figment, she was surprised he wasn't marked like the other Disney figures were, and gave me a price I couldn't refuse. I looked him over more carefully and gave her the money!

I gave him to Nick at the end of the isle when all our friends got together again and Nick did not have him. He was shocked and happily surprised!

He is stamped 1982 Disney and Japan on the bottom.

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