Thursday, November 3, 2011

Disney Husband–Gone Wild

While trying to clean up the house, I decided that a small compartmentalized shelf that we were under utlilizing would be a great place for my Disney Husband to display all of his smaller Disney toys and the like. So as he was doing his bloggie thing in the kitchen, I was measuring out the distance between the windows, writing down measurements and thinking about the tools I needed to get from the basement. I cleaned off the shelf, set it up on boxes so I didn't need to ask for any help and ran to get the tools. DH got suspicious when I marched up from the basement with a drill, hammer, stud finder and assorted boxes of nails and screws; but not suspicious enough to search me out to see what I was up to!

After I got the shelving unit up, I grabbed some of his Vinylmations (that I was glad to get off the bookcases!) and ran them upstairs to see how they'd look! Now I piqued his interest and he followed me upstairs! There was no stopping him after that!


  1. Come on! With a smile on his face like that, why would you WANT to stop him?

  2. I know, Lee! When Nick realized what I was doing, oh heaven! You couldn't get the smile off his face!


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