Friday, July 28, 2017

Food Court at All Star Music

by Gaylin

The Intermission Food Court at All Star Music, is not as large as the food court I am used to at Pop Century. This means the selection of food is smaller as well. It still has a decent choice of entrees and desserts. I didn't have breakfast there but I did pick up yogurt and boiled eggs at the market section of the food court to add to breakfast in my room.

The food court can be accessed by doors on the exterior of the building or . . .

this large opening in the lobby of the building.

There are three booths where you can pay for your food, each booth can contain 2 cast members, on on each side of the booths.

I had lunch at the resort one day and was happy to be able to get this lovely gluten-free meal. A tasty quinoa salad, topped with a beautifully cooked piece of chicken with a side of freshly made tomato soup. For my drink, I had this bottled Odwalla juice drink, yum! I got all of this for one Quick Service credit.

I enjoyed dinner a couple of times at the food court. I had this lovely turkey dinner, sliced turkey breast, corn and mashed potatoes. Take away the gravy and the dinner roll and voila, a gluten free meal. Again, this was one Quick Service credit.

When I had lunch at the resort, it was beautiful sunny day and I sat at one of these tables and enjoyed my meal outside!

On the exterior wall of the food court is the bar, Singing Spirits. It was never very busy while I was there, I don't drink alcohol so I didn't stop, but I did take a couple photos for you. It appeared that when there was a football game on, the televisions behind the bar had the games playing, loudly . . .

Here is the drink menu, they do have non-alcoholic options but I was happy with my Odwalla drinks from the food court.

All in all, the food court at the resort was not fancy but did have enough options for everyone. I liked all the meals I had there and since I could get allergy safe meals, whew, I was very relieved!

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