Friday, June 2, 2017

Disney E-Gift Cards

by Shendl 

I learnt something new recently….Disney does E-Gift Cards!  I think this is just so convenient especially if you want to send a friend overseas a Gift and you don’t want to chance the postage system! 

I really think it’s a fantastic idea and I recently got the chance to use it when I purchased my MNSSHP Tickets (Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party).  My friend Elaine, who lives in Canada, very kindly wanted to purchase our MNSSHP tickets as a gift to us (we Live in South Africa), the issue with buying them directly was that I would have to have the credit card used in the purchase  to collect our tickets at Will Call. That proved to be a little too complicated for my liking so when my friend, Julie told me about these E-Gift Cards that you can use on the Disney Store or in the Parks, I did some research and I was so excited to find that this way would work!!

I contacted Elaine and she did the purchase of the gift card from the Comfort of her own home in Canada and emailed it to me in South Africa!! The next day I was able to Purchase my MNSSHP tickets through My Disney Experience and they were then linked automatically to my Magic Band.
I haven’t had the chance to use an E-Gift Card in a Park but I am sure it will be fairly easy though. The E-Gift Card is emailed to you with a barcode so I would assume you could either use a Gift Card App on your phone or just cut out the barcode part and present that at purchase when in the parks.
Using it on the Disney Website was so easy!! I would definitely recommend it for online purchases!

Have you used a Disney E-Gift Card Before?? Let us know how you liked it?

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