Thursday, March 8, 2012

Who Wears Hats?

Who wears hats at Disney?

All sorts of people. From the traditional Mickey Mouse Ears to the much more elaborate birthday cake hats, dinosaur hats and more; hats are surely a popular fashion statement at the parks.

So how do you choose just one?

Therein lies my dilemma! Head covering choices are endless. I go into the little shops and test out various models, all of which are awesome, and always wind up leaving empty handed. I envy the visitors I see walking around proudly bearing their hats triumphantly for all to see. They made their choice, and they are enjoying every moment of it.

On more than one occasion, I have regretted leaving a hat behind! At least we can say that we have photos of our modeling sessions. So what do you wear?


  1. I wear my Goofy hat. It's priceless to see the reaction of little kids who think only they would wear one!

  2. That's fantastic, Lee! Send me a photo and I'll post it!


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