Sunday, March 11, 2012

Who Wears Hats? continued...

Send in your photos!

Brandy Leigh sent in these photos of her daughter, mother and herself sporting their Disney head gear. Don't they look great? It's nice to see that Brandy Leigh has started her daughter off on the right track!
Here's a pic of Lee of Disleelandia and his lovely wife sporting their Disney head gear.
Friend of the blog, Gaylin sent a couple of fun photos of her hats! I don't know what she did to deserve being put in the stocks.
Thanks to everyone for submitting their awesome hat photos!


  1. I am honoured to be displayed in all my goofiness!

  2. Those are great photos Gaylin, I am so honored that you shared them with me! Please feel free to share any time you're interested in the theme.


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