Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, Disney Style

Nick found this silver locket and gave it to me for Valentine's Day. Another sneaky, wonderful, romantic way to get more Disney into the house! He, of course, knew I would love it; as he saw me drooling over the necklaces at Disney World the last time we were there. He found this piece on Ebay. There was no history included with it. Can anyone out there date this piece based on the style and markings? I was thinking perhaps the early eighties when lockets had a big resurgence, but who knows?

So what do you do with a locket? Put a photo of your favorite guy in it!



  1. That is a wonderful find!
    Happy Valentines to both of you.

  2. Thanks Gaylin! Happy Valentine's Day to you too! I started looking for anything like it online, and can't find anything! I would love to have some history on it.

  3. There's only two things with that unusual surface texture (in the 'hidden Mickey' shape): a golf ball and Spaceship Earth. I'd look for an Epcot tie-in. Sorry, that's the only thing I can think of...

    The 925 makes it real silver, so it would have been in a high end shop if it was sold in the park, likely one of the pavilions (I'd wildly guess Italy).

  4. Thanks for your feedback, Lee! I laughed out loud when you mentioned Spaceship Earth! I forgot to mention that the locket is surrounded with marcasite crystals. That probably doesn't help identify it, more than that it is high end.

  5. This is beautiful- I've never seen anything like it! What a great valentine :)


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