Thursday, August 30, 2012

What I Love Most About EPCOT

Lee from Disleelandia has been asking fellow Disney bloggers the question: What do you love most about EPCOT? I have been putting off writing this post because really, what's not to love about this park? So pinning down just one specific thing is difficult, but I'll try. (Reading back on this post, I have failed to pin it down to one thing! Now read on at your own risk!)

This photo speaks volumes to what I feel about EPCOT. It's lively, bright, colorful and lush! Don't misunderstand me, I love the other parks too, EPCOT is just so vibrant!

When the hubby and I visit Disney, EPCOT seems to be the park that we gravitate towards the most. Is it the food, the ambiance; is it Figment or Club Cool? I can't seem to pin it down in words, Maybe by going through some of the myriad of photos we have of EPCOT, I will be able to put my finger on it.
EPCOT is the park of color! So much color, in the plantings, in the buildings themselves, everywhere you look there's a feast for the eyes. EPCOT dresses for the seasons, so you'll never see the same landscapes twice.

These seasonal and constantly changing features make EPCOT so exciting. More so than the other parks, or so it seems to me. Every time we go there, it looks like a different park Your photos and mine will never look alike! (unless we vacationed together!)


Could it be the food that's offered at EPCOT? The everyday food offerings are wonderful, here's a sampling for you to drool over: school bread, largest rice crispy treat with carmel–ever, cream puff with fresh wild berries, fish and chips, wild berry bread pudding, adult drinks...


 Is it the food offered during the Food and Wine Festival held each year? These tapas style plates are amazing and great fun to try with friends! The more the merrier!

Or is EPCOT so near and dear to my heart because we've met so many awesome people there, taken our friends there and have created long lasting and enduring relationships with them? That just might be the real reason why I love EPCOT the best: because of all these people!

Thank you for reading this post. The best part of writing this was searching through all of our photos. I would be smiling from ear to ear and the Disney husband would constantly be asking me, "What are you doing?" and I'd say, "Trying to write a post!" That's just how EPCOT is. A smile from ear to ear.


  1. So... you're not a 'Pick-one-thing' kinda girl.

    Got it. Love it!

  2. Thanks, Lee! I guess that means I'm not too picky!

    1. Hey,I'd like to think you're somewhat picky at least!

  3. Do I have to dignify that with an answer?

  4. I am still working on what I like best about Epcot. So far, you have covered a lot of it for me!

  5. I'm looking forward to see what you write! There's no reason you can't expand on what I've written!

  6. All the photos are great, but I especially love that photo of you about to take a bite of the largest rice crispy treat I've ever seen. Hilarious. I also love the last photo of Jill and Josh. So sweet. Interestingly, the last time I was at Disney World, Epcot (then Epcot Center) was brand new! It's been a while!

  7. Thanks, Fierce Girl! The Caramel Kitchen now offers free cutting services so you can either share that crispy monstrosity, or just look a little more lady-like while you chow down the whole thing yourself! Do you have photos of when you were there? It would be cool to do a side by side comparison!


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