Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just Dance!

My last post was about my Disney Husband dancing with joy in Epcot; which got me thinking about how many other photos I had of people dancing spontaneously around Disney! I knew we had a couple so I went through all of our digital files. Most of the photos of are the two of us.
Here I am cha-cha-cha-ing with Tigger. Who knew he knew the classics?
Here's an awesome photo of an anonymous fellow kicking up his heels while walking past a show of Off Kilter's. 
The hills are alive, with that crazy dancing twirly girl...
Our friends, Tom, Derrick and Dylan dancing at the Beirgarten. Not as spontaneous because there's a dance floor and band ready for anyone who wants to dance, but the photo was too good not to include.

And my favorite spontaneous dancing session, Jill and Tigger, freestylin' it. Truly a joyful moment. So do any of you out there have any spontaneous dancing captured on film?


  1. Last time we were at WDW, Karen got out and danced with the characters in the Pixar Parade. Can't remember what it was called right now, but she boogied with Buzz Lightyear... sort of, there was a lot of people around too!

    Me? No dancy.

  2. You mean you didn't dance at all at any of the Disney Stores you visited on your Road Trip?! You need to do it all over again!

  3. Oh, come on Lee, let your hair down and dance in your happy place!! It will make you feel great!


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