Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Dig Dug

Hello! Nick, Disney Musing's husband here, doing a guest appearance. DM is too busy reading "The Hunger Games" trilogy, so I thought I'd jump in and post.

Sorry to anyone who came across this title and thought I was referring to the popular 1980's video game, "Dig Dug", but, now that you're here, please stick around.

Lately, I've been talking about movies that have a special meaning in my life over at the Disleelandia blog, such as "A Bug's Life", and "Bambi". (If you go and look for them, they haven't been posted yet, but please check back there daily to see them when they do. Plug, plug. Send the money via PayPal, Lee).

The Pixar animated movie "Up" has a special meaning to the two of us. We saw it on our 10th Anniversary.

As dog lovers, we fell in love with Dug, the Golden Retriever, who can "talk" via a special dog collar, a creation by his evil owner. I bought this plush Dug for my wife from the Disney Store.

Press his paw, where it says PRESS HERE, and he says several things, such as "Are you a dog, too?", "Hi there!", "My name is Dug, I have just met you and I looove you!" , "Will you be my master?", "A ball, a ball! Oh boy! A ball!", "I can bark! (Barks) And here is howling! (Howls)" and "I am a great tracker, my pack sent me on a mission all by myself. Have you seen a bird?"

Here he is looking for a bird.

Hmm, maybe over here?

Now he's called in our dog, Shnelly to help him find the bird.

If you find the bird, please let us know!


  1. Shnelly, I love that name! I bought Dug for my wife too. Our favorite saying is: "I have just met you, and I looove you!"

    Nice post Nick!

  2. We went to 'Up' on our first date :) And will be making our first WDW trip in January :D

    1. That's wonderful! We hope you have a great time!
      We saw up on it's opening day, which was also our 10th Anniversary.

  3. That was some emotional roller coaster, "Up" but a wonderful movie!


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